Nutley War Memorial Hall

The Importance of Being a Member of the new Charitable Incorporated Organisation(CIO)
11th June 2020

Nutley War Memorial Trust

Report for the Annual Assembly

10th May 2020

The Trust was set up in 1948 when things were a lot different. Since then the Trust has operated to this deed. At the last AGM the Trustees agreed that it was time to bring the Trust up to date by converting to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). There will be no changes in how the Trust operates and what it is expected to do, and the boundary of the organisation will be the same.

There are three big advantages of doing this. Firstly, residents within the Nutley boundary will choose to become members of the Trust. There will continue to be an AGM at which Nutley residents may vote, subject to having signed up as members beforehand. This will be provided through an online system and the Trust will write out separately how this will be achieved at a later date.

The second major advantage is that the CIO will not require holding trustees as it will hold property in the name of the CIO and it will limit the liabilities that the current Trustees have. It is hoped that this will attract more people from the village to take an interest in the Trust and become future Trustees, so ensuring the future viability of the charity.

The third reason is that this will bring the constitution of the charity fully up-to-date with all of the latest charity law provisions recommended by the Charity Commission. This will mean that the charity will continue to be fit for purpose well into the future.

More information can be found on the Charity Commission website or if you do have any questions about the incorporation into a CIO, please feel free to contact the NWMT. Contact details can be found on the website Any comments and queries will be considered by NWMT as long as they are received before 31st July 2020.

Maresfield Parish Council provided grants toward new tables and also towards the launch event for the Nutley Community Project. We also received £1000 from Tesco Bags for Help scheme which helped the Trust purchase new stage curtains. Our thanks go out to these organisations.

The storms over the winter required various repairs to the roof and guttering, purchased a new boiler for the kitchen, updated the heating system, replaced lighting in the hall and replaced some hinges on some windows. We have also stripped and resealed the floor as well as had audio engineers in to assess the acoustics which will require a new audio loop.

Planning permission was sought and granted for a state-of-the-art preschool which will relieve the pressure on the demands for the hall and provide a space for the children to enjoy a safe environment in which to develop.

The Trust would like to thank the following people who have been active members of the Trust and are retiring this year. The first is Sarah Wilson who has been an active supporter of the NTSC as well as a holding Trustee and also Barrie Sidwell who has been chair for many years of the Trust and also a holding Trustee. They have both contributed so much to the community and the Trusts sincere thanks go out to both of them.

Finally, we will be holding an AGM when the COVID crisis is over. I would ask that if you are interested in becoming a Trustee for the new year please could you let the Trust know via the web address You will need to be 18 or over and live in Nutley village.