Nutley War Memorial Hall

Nutley Preschool Development Project

Pressures were placed on the hall by the use of the preschool and the regulations placed on it by the government to provide more hours. This caused a strain on access to the hall for other users.


It was agreed by the Trustees to provide a bespoke preschool which would be state of the art. Provision of this would free up the main hall for use by the community.



10 Reasons Why this project is essential to Nutley


  • To provide a flexible, large and available space for the whole community to use 7 days a week
  • To provide our Preschool with a State -Of-The -Art facility to enable them to provide a higher level of Early Years Education
  • Providing a better preschool will attract more preschool age children to attend, the majority of children who attend Nutley preschool go on to attend Nutley Primary School, therefore assisting in securing the future of our Primary School also.
  • The Hall Space will be used to improve lives throughout the village- social, adult education and basic needs can be catered for, for all ages.
  • The older generation can re-ignite their clubs, societies and meet-ups- bringing them back to the village where they belong.
  • Facilities allocated for the School, Toilets and Changing Rooms, will revive the use of the School field and remove this barrier to use. Having our children playing, exercising and engaging in team sports on our school field has many health, social and educational benefits.
  • Rural Communities are suffering due to lack of amenities, public transport and distant location of family members. Rural Isolation is a real problem, even in East Sussex, and if we can protect and provide for our own community, we will be one of the few that counteract the physical and mental wellbeing issues that surround those who are isolated - all generations and all walks of life are affected by this.
  • A dedicated Preschool building will open opportunities for out-of-hours childcare/clubs for all age children in our village. This will assist working families all year round. Currently, there is very little support and childcare available for anyone needing childcare before, after or in school holidays, this is detrimental to those who are working, or wish to work, as their opportunities are limited by the hours their children are in education.
  • The extra revenue the Hall will generate for bookings during the weekdays will help improve and maintain the Hall building.
  • The new facilities and all its benefits security to the village for the future.


Planning and related documents