Nutley War Memorial Hall

Nutley War Memorial Charitable Incorporated Organisation


Communication Plan supporting a clear consensual direction for the CIO.

The objective of this page is to define, share and communicate progress to the Nutley community of the NWMCIO strategic plan.



Only registered members will be able to vote on the final plan so if you are over 18 years of age and live within the village boundary please register. register here.


The plan is broken down into 4 phases:


  • Phase 1 Valuation
  • Phase 2 Develop Study
  • Phase 3 Consult
  • Phase 4 Vote

Phase 1 Valuation

Objective : Provide an indicative valuation of CIO assets

Completion Date : Complete

Progress : Oldfield Smith and Co Chartered Surveyors have been engaged to value CIO property. It has been agreed by the Trustees that the results of the valuations on the Nutley Bowling Club and the Nutley Tennis and Squash Club are passed forward and presented as part of the Nissen Richards Study.


Associated Documentation : TBA



Phase 2 Develop Study

Objective : Produce a study of assets and activities deployed across the village. Look at new activities and opportunities, identifying clear advantages and disadvantages. Recommend final options. This will be carried out using an unbiased and independent consultant.

Completion Date : December 2020

Progress : Nissen Richards Studio London have been commissioned to carry out the study.

Associated Documentation: Funding Strategy For Nutley Preschool in Support of the Section 77 Application to the Department of Education

This includes a copy of the new NWMCIO Constitution and the Nissen Richards Studio Scope.

Details of the Nutley Preschool planning application and approval Case number WD/2019?0539/F


Phase 3 Consultation

Objective : Share the study and options with the whole community and invite comment and feedback.

Completion Date : February 2021

Progress : TBA

Associated Documentation: TBA



Phase 4 Vote

Objective : Registered members will be asked to vote on their favoured option. The vote will be conducted by an independent body.

Completion Date : April 2021

Progress : TBA

Associated Documentation : Members Responsibilities and Voting Process

This page will be updated regularly as the plan progresses.



Frequently Asked Questions and Answers



Were we consulted when the NWMT converted to the NWMCIO?


Yes, most definitely. The transfer was carried out with the Charity Commission in a legal and robust way. There was a consultation period which lasted a month in August. This was sent out on the NWM Hall website, the Maresfield Parish Council report, which went out to every home and the Parish News. The NWMT didn't receive a single question or objection.



Why did the NWMT have to change to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.


Under the NWMT there were three holding trustees that carried the liabilities of the trust. They were getting older and no one was prepared to take on the responsibility. We did have insurance, but this wasn't enough. This really hit home when we were transferring the documents and one needed a signature from one of the holding trustees who was seriously ill in hospital. We had to get his signature whilst he was so ill and this wasn't acceptable.



Why do I have to register as a member as I didn't have to do this before?


Following the change of organisation, it is now unacceptable to auto enrol members. This is the case with nearly every organisation today. We have built a register of members on the website and it is quite easy for you to register online. If there are any problems please feel free to contact us.



Have you just changed the organisation so it is easier to get rid of the tennis club?


The organisational change was agreed last year at the AGM, this was long before the issue of the lease occurred. The CIO still meets the legal objects that were set in place in the old Trust deed so nothing has changed.




Who are the trustees?


The trustees are all people that live in our village. They give their time freely to support the trust and now the CIO and are all volunteers. None of them has a hidden agenda and every one of them cares very deeply about the future of our village.



Why has the Social Club not been valued along with the bowls club and NTSC?


The Social Club was set up on a very long lease when it was first built. It was agreed that because of the security of tenure that this property has it wouldn't be included in the Nissen Richards Study.



The preschool doesn't fit in the scope of the trust as it is educational?


There are three key reasons why the preschool does fall into the scope of the trust:

1. Regulation changes a few years ago meant that the children had to be allocated more hours and also meet safeguarding standards. This impacted on the time that other users in the community could use the Hall. Because of the community needs it was decided by the trust to develop a bespoke hall and at the time this was very much supported by the community.

2.The preschool receives a very small budget per child from the government as it is an independent charity. The budget is always challenging and the Trust make no apologies for helping this part of the community.

3. The preschool is a key feeder to the much loved primary school. This school like others around is facing the challenge of numbers of children. The village will loose a major keystone of the community if we loose these schools and the Trust make no apologies for helping the younger element of our community.



Why is the NTSC land on a development register?


This is not true. The NTSC has been placed on the SHELAA which is a planning tool that Wealden District Council are using in order to develop their new plan. The registration took place when it was unknown if the NTSC would sign a new lease with the Trust. It doesn't mean that development will take place.



How will consultation work?


The Nissen Richards Study is set to produce a report at the end of December 2020. The study will present a list of options listing advantages and disadvantages to the village and will be unbiased and very factual. This study will be e-mailed to all registered members of the CIO and shared and communicated on the Nutley War Memorial CIO site. We will then invite everyone to offer constructive views on the study and options through e-mail and letter. Following the period of consultation the options will be finalised by the Trustees ready for the vote to take place.

It would be wrong to hold a public meeting due to COVID but also this is a fair way of consulting as it does involve the whole community and not just the people that can attend a meeting. It is a well practiced method used by local government.



Some residents are complaining on social media that they can't register on line?


The numbers of members who have registered to date has exceeded our expectations. There were clear communications on who to contact, should they have problems registering and every query has been dealt with using the correct channels.

We continue to welcome as many new members as possible to register and this will ensure that the consultation is as inclusive as possible.